World map of change

Using all possible means: marketing, sponsoring, smuggling, political interference and legal threats – the tobacco industry operates worldwide.

World map of change

A world full of alternative livelihoods: carrots and potatoes, kenaf and bamboo – the rich sources of income free from tobacco.

Country Outlines


One of the first countries establishing plain packaging


Tobacco growing endangers food safty


Brazil - biggest raw tobacco exporter worldwide


Among the Top Five of tobacco producing countries in Europe


More than 46,500 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


Biggest tobacco producer and market worldwide

Costa Rica

Small country, far reaching tobacco control

Czech Republic

More than 18,300 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


Georgia has one of the highest smoking rates in Europe.


Big in raw tobacco imports, big in cigarette exports


The world's third largest tobacco producer


More than 33,300 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


More than 93,800 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


The biggest shareholder of Japan Tobacco is the Japanese state still holding one third of the company shares


Tobacco cultivation for British American Tobacco in East Africa


More than 4,010 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


Malawi is the most tobacco-dependent economy in the world.


More than 19,100 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


More than 46,000 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease

New Zealand

One of the only countries without tobacco production


More than 71,850 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease

Russian Federation

More than 396,070 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease

South Korea

Women and children are extraordinally targeted by agressive tobacco advertising strategies


Cigarettes are an important exchange good in civil war


One of the poorest countries in the world and one of the leading tobacco producers of Africa


The total revenues of the world's 6 largest tobacco companies equate to 96% of the Gross National Income of Thailand


The total revenues of the world's 6 largest tobacco companies are approximately 99% larger than the Gross National Income of Togo


More than 6,900 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


More than 83,100 people are killed by tobacco-caused disease


Tobacco is one of Uganda’s main export goods


Exemplary tobacco control


Number four in tobacco production worldwide


Among Malawi and Tanzania a leading tobacco producer of Africa


Alliance One International

Alliance One International - second largest tobacco leaf company of the world

Altria / Philip Morris USA

As the US market leader, the company is the fourth largest cigarette maker of the world.

Baltic Tobacco Factory

A small cigarette factory in the Russion exclave

British American Tobacco

Cigarette corporation no. 3 in the world

Brown & Williamson

Brown & Williamson was incorporated with RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company in Reynolds American.

China National Tobacco Corporation

The world's largest cigarette corporation dominates 44% of the world market in cigarettes.

Imperial Brands

By acquiring Reemtsma and Altadis, the corporation grew to be No. 6 in the world of cigarette makers.

Imperial Tobacco Company Canada

Canadian subsidiary of BAT

Japan Tobacco International

Japan Tobacco International is the world's no. 5 cigarette corporation. The parent company Japan Tobacco is one-third owned by the Japanese state.

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International (PMI) - zweitgrößter Zigarettenkonzern der Welt

Reemtsma / Imperial Brands

Das zweitgrößte Zigarettenunternehmen in Deutschland hat eine lange Geschichte und stand im Dritten Reich dem Nazi-regime nahe.

Reynolds American

Reynolds American was generated by incorporating RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company and Brown & Williamson and is fully owned by BAT.

Rothmans, Benson & Hedges

The Canadian company is a subsidiary of PMI

The German Association of the Tobacco Industry and New Products (BVTE)

The association, founded in 2019, represents and promotes – according to own statement – the interests of the entire value chain across all smoking and vaping products as well as tobacco and nicotine products for oral use: the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of traditional tobacco products as well as of new tobacco and nicotine products. […]

Universal Corporation

Universal Corporation - ist das weltweit führende Rohtabakunternehmen.